Congratulation Dr. Ramesh Giri !!

for NSF CAREER award from National Science Foundation (NSF)

Sustainable chemistry is one of the fascinating sciences meant for the development of the environmentally benign processes, products and the chemicals. As a part of the developing the sustainable processes, Dr. Ramesh Giri, an assistant professor at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, University of New Mexico (UNM) has been working for the development of the transition metal-catalyzed organic transformations and investigating their reaction mechanisms. These research interests set by Dr. Giri and his team has been supposed to overcome the existing chemical problems of broader applicability. For instances, energy, materials, health, environment, etc.

Recently, his project on the development of a new technique for the cross-coupling reactions was selected for the CAREER award from National Science Foundation (NSF). NSF CAREER award is the prestigious awards in support of junior faculty that comes with a federal grant for research and education activities for five consecutive years. The award worthy $ 675,000 for five years is definitely going to booster the research work led by Giri.

Giri supposes the development of tandem and multi-component couplings with base metals and organic electronic donors has a huge impact in the pharmaceutical industry and the chemical world as a whole. He explains the reactions are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of marketed drugs, where palladium is used widely. But, for the development of the cost-effective processes, copper is used as catalyst, he explains.

Giri Research Lab (Photo: University of New Mexico)

Copper and Palladium belong to the transition metal (d-block) of the periodic table, however, they behave the different ways in the synthesis reactions. Indulging copper in the synthetic reactions and investigating the reaction mechanism is a difficult task. This is where a challenge lies, says Giri.

The NepaChem team wishes Dr. Giri and his team, all the success in the forthcoming days.

This post is based on the news report from University of New Mexico. Click here

Refer to the publications by Dr. Giri research group here.

NSF encourages submission of CAREER proposals from junior faculty members at all CAREER-eligible organizations. NSF Career award is the prestigious award given to early career scientists by United States National Science Foundation. Click here for details.

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