Public attitudes to chemistry: RSC science communication competition 2015 and win £500

If you are passionate about writing science and making video, you may win £500 from Royal Society of Chemistry.

What to write?

An 800 word long essay about public attitudes to chemistry. May cover topics like:

- Chemistry is something you do at school, not something you do in your everyday life
- How chemistry relates to energy, environment, food & water
- Emotional responses to chemistry
- Unpicking the confusion between pharmacists and chemists
- Why chemists think the public are more negative about chemistry than they actually are

A less than 2 min video.


8 January 2016 11.59 pm GMT


- Receive £500
- Be published in Chemistry World 
- Have the opportunity to take part in a special assignment with Chemistry World 
The four remaining finalists will receive £250.
For details click here

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