Top 10 Chemistry Videos You Should Have Watched in 2014

The year of 2014 was great in terms of new discoveries in Chemistry.

I have compiled a list of most popular 10 youtube videos of 2014 that demonstrate some sort of chemistry reactions. If you have not watched before, watch them now.

1. Sulfuric acid and sponge reaction by CrazyRussianHacker:

There are a number of videos showing pouring sulfuric acid to sponge. This one by a famous youtuber who goes with CrazyRussianHacker. Sulfuric acid turns the sponge into black carbon. You can also watch this reaction in slow motion in this video.

2. The Chemistry of Sriracha: Hot Sauce Science by Reactions 
Sriracha is a type of popular hot sauce or chili sauce. This video produced by American Chemical Society explains the chemistry of how this and other spicy food work.

3. Make Your Single Crystal by Thoisoi2
This video teaches you to grow single crystals.

4. Amazing Chemical Reactions by 7a9rian2
This video shows a number of short clips of chemical reactions. They are fun to watch.

5. The Magic of Chemistry - with Andrew Szydlo
In this video produced by the Royal Institute,chemist Andrew Szydlo explains some basic chemistry principles with demonstrations. A long video thought. Take you time and watch. 

6. The Chemistry of Pizza by Reactions
Again American Chemical Society produced video explains the chemistry behind the pizza we eat every now and then.

 7. Mr. Bean - Chemistry experiment
Even the famous comedian Mr. Bean is into chemistry lab demos. Watch this hilarious video.

8. Chemistry & Corpses: The Science of Bog Bodies by SciShow
How dead bodies are mummified and preserved for thousands of years? This video talks about the chemistry of bog bodies.
9. What's in your iPhone? by Reactions
iPhone is very popular smartphone. But, have you ever thought what chemistry (elements, molecules) you are carrying in your pocket?

10. Pouring Mercury into Liquid Nitrogen (slow motion)
Periodic Videos has produced hundreds of chemistry videos where Prof Martyn Poliakoff from University of Nottingham explains cool chemistry stuffs. In this video you see a demonstration and explanation when mercury is poured into liquid nitrogen. The slow motion part of this video is cool.

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