Help our friend and chemist Goma recover her 4th stage cancer

Everyone in the western world is preparing for upcoming festivals and happy holiday celebrations. In the same time, unfortunately, our friend and fellow chemist, Goma Yakami is struggling against her 4th stage acute gastric cancer in Canada.

Happy family: Goma with her husband and sons before undergoing chemotherapy. (photo: Umesh's Facebook)

I talked to her husband, our classmate and friend Umesh Krishna Shrestha today. According to him, Goma was diagnosed with the cancer two months ago right after she gave birth to their second baby. Although she had many complications during her pregnancy period, the gastric cancer was diagnosed only during caesarean section. Her baby is in good condition but since then she has been hospitalized and undergoing chemotherapy in Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon, Saskaton, Canada

Goma did her MSc in chemistry (2002-2004 batch) from central department of chemistry, Tribhuvan University. The Shrestha family moved to Canada two years ago and are struggling to settle there. As we can imagine they are going through very difficult situation as they are away from family and friends. I also learnt that Umesh has left his job to take care of his wife Goma and two kids. 

Please join me to pray for her speedy recovery. They need our love and support. It would be a great help from our side if we can contribute some money to them. You can directly donate to Umesh's Paypal account (shres58tha@yahoo.com). 
Just click the donate botton below.

A Facebook page has been created to update family and friends with latest message. You may want to visit this page for more details on her medical condition.

You contact any one of the following persons if you have any questions and/or want to help.

In Nepal: Ashok Bajracharya (9841236047)
In US: Dr. Prati Bajracharya (pratistar@hotmail.com)
In Europe: Dr. Sailesh Malla (4524921798)

Lets help our friends! 

Please forward this message to your friends who may be willing to help her family.

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