Rajesh Adhikari completed his PhD from Sun Moon University, Congratulations

Rajesh Adhikari recently defended his PhD dissertation in Materials Science and Engineering from Sun Moon University, South Korea. Title of his PhD dissertation was “Development of Plasmonic and Upconversion Induced Photocatalytic Nanomaterials for Environmental Applications”. He has  published 11 peer reviewed research papers.

Congratulations Dr. Adhikari.

Description of his PhD work is as follows. He worked on photocatalytic nanomaterials for environmental applications. Basically, his research is related to solar energy harvesting, storage, and conversion by using semiconductor photocatalysts. He investigated plasmonic hybrid photocatalysts systems to utilize maximum fraction of the visible light of the solar spectrum by using Ag nanoparticles in the different inorganic nanomaterials such as WO3, TiO2, Bi2MoO6, and Bi2WO6. He also tried to  convert  IR energy of the solar spectrum which consists of more than 50 % in the solar spectrum and is wasted without any use. Such wasted IR energy was converted into visible light by means of upconversion process using some rare earth ions doped in the semiconductor photocatalysts which could be utilized for the environmental applications. 

Dr. Adhikari's google scholar profile here.

Currently, he is working as a postdoctoral researcher in his PhD lab.

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