Congratulations to Dr. Pandit

Our friend Rameshwar P Pandit (now Dr. Pandit) has recently completed his PhD in organic synthesis fromYeungnam University, South Korea. Join me to congratulate him for his achievement. Title of his doctoral thesis was "Efficient Synthesis of Biologically Interesting Pyranocarbazoles, Tetrahydroquinoline, Quinolines and β-Acetamido Ketones".

He will be starting a postdoc position in the same university from March 2014. Congratulations!!

A brief description of his PhD research is outlined below:

His research was focused on the design and development of novel synthetic methods to construct complex molecular architectures and potential pharmaceutically active agents. An organocatalytic or catalyst-free method is considered to be superior to transition-metal-catalyzed synthetic pathways from greener perspectives though the specific catalytic performance of transition- metals in achieving the target is great in the recent time. Usefulness of ethylenediammonium diacetate (EDDA) in the domain of cascade processes e.g. aldol type/ hetero Diels-Alder reaction and Knoevenagel type/ hetero Diels Alder reaction in the delivery of pyrano[3,2-a]carbazoles, cis-fused tetrahydroquinolines, quinolines alkaloids has been particularly rewarding in the biological investigation owing to their pharmacological properties. Catalyst-free thermal Wolff rearrangement followed by addition of carbon nucleophile to ketenes and C sp3-H activation followed by cross-coupling with aromatics were the subjects in the synthetic investigation during the study. His postdoctoral research activities will focus on C-H activation/ Cross-coupling.                                                                                              

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