dance your PhD winners announced: explain your PhD research in dance

Sperm competition between brothers and female choice from Cedric Kai Wei Tan on Vimeo.

The "Dance Your PhD" contest 2013 winner is a video that described "sperm competition between brothers and female choice". In this video, Cedric Tan is trying to explain his PhD research about chicken mating process by dance. 

The contest is sponsored by Science magazine and AAAS. In this contest one has to explain his/her PhD research in the form of dance.

In chemistry category, Ambalika Khadria, a biochemistry Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, won the prize. Khadria demonstrated her experimental methods-a trick for revealing whether proteins are linked together in pairs. The dances literally used colored masks and fluorescent light to explain the research concept.

I guess it is not an easy job to explain the PhD research in science in a dance. Good job guys. Have fun watching these videos.

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