Nepali chemists participated in International Environmental Project Olympiad 2013

(Recently Dr. Ajaya Bhattarai and his student Akash Deo participated in the 7th INEPO-EUROASIA International Environmental Project Olympiad which was held on 3-7 April at Buku Azerbaijan. Nepali team bagged a bronze medal by securing third position in the competition. This post highlights their experience in the Olympiad).

Ajaya Bhattarai and Akash Deo

We live in the same world although our languages and religions are different. However, the natural resources like water, air, and soil in the world are limited. Unfortunately, human beings became aware of the value of these resources that they thought would never end when they started to lose them. It was seen that the danger reached great dimensions and people felt that it was necessary to take certain measures. We should do our best as individuals for a livable world without delaying and we should have a developed environmental consciousness. It makes me hopeful to see you, the insurance of our future, to be so sensitive about the environment. Human beings saw that the atmosphere, soil, and forests were not inexhaustible and that the environmental pollution did not have any limits and that it was a common question of all countries. 5th of June is celebrated as World Environment Day in Azerbaijan and all over the world. As a matter of fact environment is not a phenomenon to be evaluated and discussed only for a day or week.

It is something that is ever present in the life of human beings. The Project Olympiad that young people take part in with their projects reflecting their sensitivity towards the environment that they prepared throughout the year aims to make young people conscious that each day is the “environment day”. I believe that the science institutions will make use of these projects and provide these young people with opportunities in order to make the future world more livable. Youth is a period in which human beings are the strongest, healthiest and the most productive. Therefore it is necessary to make use of it. We show our sensitivity towards the environment with the actions we take and with the support we give you, the young people. To work is of life and to think is of light. We are proud of all of the young people who took part in this competition and shared their work with other people. What is important is to give children the environmental culture and consciousness when they are very young; If we can do it, the future of the world will be much better than today.


We call our country and the world as Faith Educational Institutions to care for the environment for the 20th time. All of our efforts aim to hand over the world that is entrusted to us to the future generations without making it lose its natural beauties. Since we live in this world, it is our duty to make it a livable world. Lands that are being transformed to deserts, polluted air and water, domestic and industrial wastes have become a nightmare for the people who care the environment. As a matter of fact, this danger threatens all of the human beings. Young people who love the environment and science and their self-sacrificing teachers have not left us alone in our efforts to save our future for 20 years. They exerted great efforts and worked hard in order to beautify the environment and make the world to  breathe. INEPO became very effective in the world thanks to them. The sensitivity of the youth towards the environment strengthens our hopes for the future.  I would like to thank all of the young people who applied. I would also like to thank the Ministry of Forestry and Water Works, Ministry of National Education, media and environment volunteers who supported us and who were always with us in our pursuit. I believe that it is not still too late for the environment in spite of the gloomy situation. I hope that INEPO and similar organizations will increase for the benefit of the environment consciousness in our country and in the world and wish all of the participants and the jury members’ success.

Totally 45 countries have participated in the international project olympaid Nepal have qualified and participated in the Project olympaid for the first time in the history of Nepal. From Nepal Dr. Ajaya Bhattrai as Mentor and Akash Deo as student represented Nepal at Baku, Azerbaijan for International Project Olympaid 2013.

There were totally 250 projects presented by 45 countries and local participants. From Nepal Dr. Ajaya Bhattrai  Student  Akash Deo Presented project named “Processed Biomass For Better Renewable Fuel .”  Competition was about to explain all the work done in the project , its process, its benefits to society specially how the project and research works helps to solve the environmental problems and make our surrounding a better place to live in. 

There were  three types of prizes for the best projects Gold medal for the 1st one , silver medal for the 2nd  one and bronze medal for 3rd one . The competition continued for two days on the 2nd day evening it was the result and award ceremony. It was fisrt time any Nepali represented International Project olympaid ever representing Nepal.  Dr. Ajaya Bhattrai`s student not represented Nepal but also bagged Bronze Medal for Nepal got 3rd place in the International project olympaid.  

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