Hahn Lab Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Postdoc Positions

Departments of Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry,
and Lineberger Cancer Center
We are seeking postdoctoral fellows to develop and apply novel approaches for in vivo manipulation and imaging of signaling. We are a multidisciplinary team using protein engineering, organic chemistry, and novel microscopy techniques to study the dynamics of signaling networks in living cells and animals.  We seek postdoctoral fellows to design novel biosensors, molecules for photomanipulation of protein activity, and engineered allosteric activation of signaling pathways. Other positions focus on the flow of information through signaling networks controlled by spatio-temporal dynamics, and involve interactions with groups developing models of network behavior and computational tools to understand and model imaging data. See the Hahn lab web site for more information about our work and the exciting collaborative environment at UNC. (hahnlab.com). See also Gulyani et al. Nature Chem. Bio 7:437 p437; Karginov et al. Nature Biotech 28(7) p743; Yoo et al. Developmental Cell 18 p226; Wu et al. Nature 461 p104; and Machacek et al Nature 461 p99.

Chemical Biology. We seek postdoctoral fellows experienced  in the design and execution of complex multi-step organic syntheses. This position offers the opportunity for an organic chemist to move into a new area of research, focusing on projects that combine organic synthesis and molecular biology to develop new tools for the imaging and manipulation of signaling pathways in vivo. There will be multiple opportunities to apply your new tools in biological studies.

Biophysics and imaging. We are developing novel biophysical techniques based on lifetime imaging, single molecule imaging and correlation microscopy to study signaling dynamics in living cells. These projects will require a background in mathematics, physics or engineering, and ideally an understanding of microscopes, lasers, and/or programming for microscope automation.  This is a collaboration with Enrico Gratton of the Laboratory of Fluorescence Dynamics (http://www.lfd.uci.edu/).

GEF- GTPase signaling networks. These positions are for postdocs interested in protein engineering and/or the spatio-temporal dynamics of signaling networks.  Projects focus on a) developing novel biosensor approaches for signaling upstream and downstream of GTPases b) methods for control of such molecules in vivo, and/or c) use of these tools to dissect the spatio-temporal dynamics of signaling networks controlling cell polarization and trans-endothelial migration. We will interact closely with Dr. Gaudenz Danuser developing network models and computational approaches to derive information re the spatio-temporal dynamics of signaling from imaging data (http://lccb.hms.harvard.edu/), and with Drs. Keith Burridge (http://www.med.unc.edu/cellbiophysio/faculty/burridge) and with John Sondek of UNC (http://www.med.unc.edu/pharm/sondeklab/) , who study the biology and structural biology of GEFs and GTPases. Applications in vivo will be carried out with Dr. Anna Huttenlocher, examining TEM in zebrafish models (http://medmicro.wisc.edu/people_faculty.php).

To apply, please send a CV to Klaus Hahn at khahn@med.unc.edu.

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