Dr. Pandey moving to PENNSTATE for post-doctoral position

Binod Pandey successfully defended his PhD dissertation this month at University of Missouri – Saint Louis, US. We would like to congratulate him for his achievement.

Here is a short description of his PhD research.

Gold nano-structures are at the center of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Nanoporous gold is a gold nanostructure with pores and ligaments in the nm dimensions. Size and topography of these pores and ligaments can be compared to the dimensions of the microdomains of the membrane. Highly increased surface to volume ration of the nanoporous gold makes it an attractive substrate for protein immobilization and assay development. My study involved utilization of nanoporous gold for the development of electrochemical immunoasays for the cancer biomarkers such as prostate specific antigen (biomarker for prostate cancer) and carcinoembryonic antigen (biomarker for colorectal cancer). Another aspect of the study involved development of electrochemical techniques for the study of carbohydrate lectin interactions on the nanoporous gold surface as an alternate and close mimic of the cell surface for carbohydrate presentation, and as a model for carbohydrate protein interaction studies. Electrochemical lectin assays were also developed for the high throughput screening of the glycan targets in glycoproteins, glycoconjugates and cell surface carbohydrates.

His publications can be viewed at google.scholar site. 


After his PhD, Dr. Pandey will be joining Benkovic lab at PENNSTATE as a post-doctoral research associate. 

Best wishes from our side Dr. Pandey.

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