Chemistry activities in Biratnagar, Nepal

Department of Chemistry, M.M.A.M.C., BiratnagarNepal organized an "one day seminar".  This is the third seminar after launching M.Sc./ PhD programme of Physics and Chemistry in 2009.  

Dr. Jagadeesh  Bhattarai, associate Prof from CDC, TU, honored Mr. Tulasi Prasad Niraula, who achieved the best poster award in the International Conference of Advanced Materials and Technology for sustainable Development, 21-23 October, 2011 by garland with Tika. Similarly, Prof. Dr. Sujeet Kumar Chatterjee honored Miss Alina Shakya, who was also the best poster award winner in the same conference. 

Mr. Tulasi Niraula, the Ph.D. scholar, gave seminar presentation on "Conductivity study of surfactants in mixed solvent media". Also, Mr. Sujit Kumar Shah, the Ph.D. scholar gave a presentation on basic information of surfactants. Both of these Ph.D. research scholars are working under the guidance of Prof. Sujeet Kumar Chatterjee and Dr. Ajaya Bhattarai. 

Dr. Jagadeesh Bhattarai presented his talk on "Research Activities on Corrosion in Nepal: An overview". Prof. Dr. Sujeet Kumar Chatterjee shared his view about the research work in the department of Chemistry. He talked about the low cost work research. He emphasized about the devotion of time during the research work. 

During the programme, participants were welcomed by Mr. Balaram Pant (chemistry faculty) and Dr. Ajaya Bhattarai presented the activities of chemists of the eastern part of Nepal. Mr. Narendra Kumar Chaudhary (chemistry faculty) gave vote of thanks. The program was chaired by Mr. Ghanashayam Shrivastav. The programme was announced by Sabita Gautam Dahal, head of the department of Chemistry, Manamohan Polytechnique Institue, Morang. 

Mr. Rajesh Karki presented a laptop to the head of the department of Chemistry. The laptop was purchased with the collection of funds from 38 chemists. List of donors is given below.

Some photos from the program below.

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