What's your Bio Future? Win a $20000 grant from SigmaBio

Where do you think Bio is going to take the world in the coming years? And, more importantly, what role do you think you’ll play in the process? Will this be the generation that cures cancer? Is limb regeneration right around the corner? Don’t limit yourself — Bio can be anything you want it to, if you’ve got the vision.
Share your vision now: Enter the Biogrant Video Contest for your chance to win a lab makeover for your school. Simply team up with a teacher and a member of the scientific community, and create a short, 2–3 minute video with your vision for the future of Bio.
The student with the most creative, innovative video will receive a grant for a lab makeover, putting you one step closer to achieving that vision. So, sign up now and start sharing your story.
Entry Process
  1. Team up with a teacher and a member of the scientific community (Can’t find one? Look no further!).
  2. Create a video to answer the question: How do you think your Bio will shape the future? Limit the video to between 2 and 3 minutes.
  3. Upload your video to a video sharing site like YouTube.comVimeo.com orFlickr.com.
  4. Complete and submit the entry form below.
Entries will be accepted from 12:00am CST on 3/4/11 until 5:00pm CST on 10/28/11.
The Biogrant Video Contest is open to high school students aged 13 years and older. All contestants are required to have an adult sponsor, aged 21 or older, and authorized permission from their educational institution.
All entries outside of the United States or Canada are open to university level students 18 years of age or older.

1 Grand Prize per region:

United States and Canada: $20,000 (US) grant
To determine the Grand Prize winner in each region, the video essays will be screened by Sigma® Life Science and judged by a selection committee over 2 rounds based on the following criteria:
  • Message and appropriateness to theme (40%)
  • Creativity (40%)
  • Aesthetics (20%)
In Round 1, five judges will determine the top 5 finalists. These 5 finalists will then be judged in Round 2 by a panel of five judges, and the video with the highest score will be declared the Grand Prize winner.

1 Popular Vote Prize per region:

$1000 (US) voucher for Sigma® Life Science reagents
The Popular Vote prize will be awarded the video with the highest average vote onsigmabiogrant.com. Voting will be open to the public. Visitors to the site can vote on videos by selecting 1–5 stars (One vote per day per IP address). Voting will be open from March 4 through October 28, 2011. The Popular Vote winner will be able to specify the exact products that they need for their lab.

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