How to Improve the Quality of Journal of Nepal Chemical Society?

Nepal Chemical Society (NCS) publishes its own journal named as Journal of Nepal Chemical Society (JNCS). This journal has been published since last 26 years (I assume, the last issue is numbered as vol 26) one issue per year.  These days it can be read and downloaded online from this link without any fee http://www.nepjol.info/index.php/JNCS/index. Following volumes are available online: Vol 21 (2006), Vol 22 (2007), Vol 23 and 24 (2009), Vol 25 and 26 (2010). One can submit the manuscript through online submission portal or send email or mail to chief editor. According to the author guidelines, this journal publishes original research papers and reviews in chemistry. I believe this journal is indexed and abstracted by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS).

According to ex-chief editors of this journal, it was not easy to receive good number of quality manuscripts in the past. One of the factors that lead to publish the journal annually may be the number of manuscripts it received. In past few years, number of graduate students (MSc and PhD) has increased significantly and is so in case of chemistry related research in Nepal. Also, number of Nepali scholars conducting research work worldwide has been increased by huge number. Prof George Whitesides from Harvard university who is the highest rating of all living chemist has said "if your research doesn't generate papers, it might just as well not have been done. "Interested and unpublished" is equivalent to "non-existent"." This implies to the importance of publication. Now, there should not be any problem to get sufficient numbers of manuscripts to JNCS. Important matter is that it has to deal with the quality of the manuscripts with some managerial issues. We would like to propose/suggest followings to improve the quality and publication of JNCS.
  1. It should publish only original research. To measure this, peer-review must be strongly enforced. Editors and reviewers play important role in this issue.
  2. Publish review articles. At least one per issue. Review articles are most downloaded and cited journal articles.
  3. Increase the number of articles per issue and also increase number of issues per year. I suggest at least four issues per year.
  4. Having wide spread use of electronic service, JNCS should go for online publication only. No print publication necessary. Many Journals are moving from print to online publication. This way JNCS can reduce printing cost. 
  5. I have seen only one chief editor on the journal. JNCS should have more editors and advising editors covering different fields of chemistry. Nepalese Chemists around the globe can contribute to this.
  6. Publicize JNCS. Specially focus on developing countries. 
  7. Review process should be faster. Everyone wants to publish as soon as possible. 
  8. I know it is open access journal. Keep it like this. Find some alternative funding source for manuscript processing.
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    Basant Giri


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