Chemistry of Wine

Why do you drink wine? For pleasure, health, sociality or no wine? My guess is most of you drink wine for pleasure.

This video was produced by ACS (American Chemical Society) as a webinar presented by Ariel Fenster of McGill University. He uncorks everything you need to know about wine (the history of wine as well as the chemical aspects of fermentation and of aging). Watch this video, it is ~1 hr long.

Some Facts:

- Wine is not the number one in alcoholic beverage, this title goes to Beer. When you talk about wine, France comes first. In France wine consumption is 55 liters/year/person.  This means roughly 5 liters in a month and ~166 mL per day.

- On Canary Island, a child has to take wine bath believing to get some health benefit. 

- 100 Calories/glass of wine, mostly coming from ethanol, small amounts of vitamins (Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Pyridoxine) 

- Alcohol is converted into acetaldehyde and is responsible for hangover, when you drink too much acetaldehyde doesn't have enough time to get converted into acetic acid. Build up of acetaldehyde is responsible for unpleasant effect of hangover.

- There is belief that wine reduces heart attack, Alzheimer disease.

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