Congratulations to Dr. Birendra B Adhikari for the completion of PhD

Birendra Babu Adhikari has successfully completed his PhD Degree from Saga University, Japan in March 2011. He had been working in the field of supramolecular chemistry. Congratulations Dr. Adhikari.

During his graduate study, his research was focused on design and synthesis of novel organic molecules for ionic and molecular recognition. He had studied the ion recognition behavior of calixarene derivatives having different ring size and different molecular flexibility and had studied the conformational behavior of their metal ion complexes. He had successfully developed some heteracalixarene ligands that can be applied for selective scavenging of toxic cations as well as the recovery of valuable metal cations. The title of his dissertation is “Multiple proton ionizable calixarene derivatives with different ring size: Towards engineering for separation and recovery of toxic and valuable metal cations.”

Initially he had entered his supervisor’s research group in the capacity of a researcher with main responsibility of synthesizing calixarene-based organic apohosts that were exploited to evaluate their hydrogen and carbon dioxide gas storage behavior. The research group is soon reviving the same project and he will be working in the capacity of a post-doctorate researcher with main duties of designing and synthesizing organic clathrates and metal organic frameworks (MOFs) for study of their hydrogen gas storage behavior.

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