Congratulations to Dr. Beni B. Dangi

We have one more Chemistry Doctorate in our community. Dr. Beni B. Dangi has successfully completed his PhD Degree form University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) in spring 2011. He had been working in chemistry department of UNR in the field of Mass Spectroscopy.

During his graduate study, he had been working to develop a tandem mass spectrometer, consisting of a quadrupole ion trap (QIT) and a time-of-flight for ion mass resolution and photophysics. The main goal of the research was to develop a new ion trap that would improve the mass resolution as well as ion photophysics with the similar ion trapping behavior compared with existing hyperbolic ion trap. He was bale to identify the parameters affecting mass resolutions in linear and reflectron time-of-flight modes and significant improvements of mass resolution were accomplished with the new optimized design. He was also able to design a molecular beam source which was fabricated and characterized for the application in ion-molecule collision experiments.

The title of his dissertation is “Development of ion trap/time-of-flight mass spectrometry for mass resolution and photophysics.” His research has been published in peer reviewed journals and articles and will be provided upon request.

Congratulations to Dr. Dangi on your great achievement and we all wish all the best for your future!!!!!!!!

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