Poem: You have become a catalyst In every reaction of my heart

By Sunil Hamal

As firstly I glanced upon you
Love was precipitated in chemical point of View
Since then you were in my mind
I felt civitone was spread behind

Your oxygenic appearance
made my heart water as if it were of hydrogen
It started to warm up rapidly
Which used to be liquid nitrogen

In your facial electronic cloud
I found myself lost
You have become a catalyst
In every reaction of my heart

Once when you touched me
That acted as salt-bridge
Our hearts being electrods
Exchanged love with great ease

Seed-crystal like your love letter
Recrystallized my love much better
In your musconic odour
I became too blind to look at other

That's why I could not notice
When you got protonated
You've become a best leaving group
Leaving me as substituted

As a nucleophilic attack on a carbonium ion
I was attacked by alcohol
There occured fissen in my heart core
Leaving behind the sign of life no more

(This poem was written by Sunil Hamal and was published in "SPECTRUM" published by ChemSA, chemistry student association, TU. Nepali version of this can be read at Sunil's blog.)

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