Chemistry of the World Football Cup Trophy


FIFA world cup is going to start soon in South Africa. Each and every teams target is to get the trophy. In this post I will write something about the chemistry of the trophy. Chemically this trophy is quite interesting.

The present day trophy was commissioned in 1974 by FIFA. The trophy stands 36.5 cm tall and is made of 5 kg gold. This means that it is hollow inside. Otherwise it would weigh ~ 70-80 kg, considering high density of gold. The gold used in the trophy is not pure gold. Gold is an unusual metal. Pure gold is very soft. If the trophy was made by pure gold, then when the winner holds it would bend. Thats why they used 18 carat (75%) gold. Other metals are mixed with gold to make it stronger.

This trophy is interesting for second point. There are two stripes of green at the base. These are made from a mineral called malachite, which is a copper compound (basic copper carbonate-Cu2CO3(OH)2.)

Whoever wins the trophy, good luck to every team. Enjoy world cup games. Don't forget to watch video above.

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