ACS Analytical Chemistry Fellowships

  • Fellowships for graduate students in analytical chemistry are sponsored by various companies/organizations and are awarded through the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry. The number of fellowships awarded may vary from year to year, depending on the number of sponsoring companies.

  • The purposes of these Fellowships are to encourage basic research in the field of analytical chemistry, to promote the growth of analytical chemistry in academic institutions and industry, and to provide recognition of future leaders in the field of analytical chemistry.

  • The Graduate Fellowship Committee of the ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry, which evaluates the applications and makes the fellowship awards, is comprised of representatives from the sponsoring companies, analytical faculty from undergraduate institutions and scientists from national laboratories.

  • Both nine-month ($21,000) and summer ($7,000) Fellowships are available. Most applicants apply for both awards unless mitigating circumstances (previous summer commitments, impending completion of degree requirements, etc.) exist.

  • Nine-Month Fellowships ($21,000)
    • These Fellowships provide for nine months of graduate study and research in analytical chemistry at any ACS accredited institution of the appointee's choice.
    • The Fellowship may not be accepted concurrently with any other external fellowship. Because the purpose of the Fellowship is to provide opportunity for research, the holder will not engage in outside work for added compensation during the period of the Fellowship.
    • These stipends are paid in nine monthly installments, beginning either on June 1, July 1, August 1 or September 1 of the year awarded, at the recipient's option. Tuition is not to be paid out of the grant, nor is the university permitted to deduct any administrative costs.
    • It is expected that the Fellow will be engaged in full-time research for the duration of the Fellowship and be in residence at the home institution (except when performing collaborative experiments which are part of the funded project).
    • It is requested that any publications which result from the studies done during the Fellowship period bear the following statement: This work was supported by the American Chemical Society, Division of Analytical Chemistry Fellowship, sponsored by (Company or group name).
    • At the end of the Fellowship period, a brief report of the accomplishments or achievements made by the student should be submitted to the Chair of the Graduate Fellowship Committee and to the sponsor.

  • Summer Fellowships ($7,000)
    • Summer Fellowships provide stipends to support research in analytical chemistry during the summer months.
    • These stipends are paid in three monthly installments beginning on June 1 of the year awarded. The university is encouraged to pay fees and summer tuition when these are required.
    • The acknowledgment and report procedures are the same for summer Fellows as for nine-month Fellows. (See above.)

  • Completed applications are due in early December. The committee members read and evaluate the applications in January and February and meet during PittCon in early March to select the fellowship recipients. Applicants are notified of the results of the Committee's deliberations after the PittCon meeting, in late March or early April.
More info: http://www3.wabash.edu/acsgraduatefellowship/

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