239th ACS National Meeting: Pictures from San Fransisco


Last month, I had an opportunity to attend the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS). It was held in very beautiful city, San Francisco, California from 21st to 25th of March, 2010. It was my second time in the ACS National Meeting. I found that the meeting was quite different than the meeting that I had attended last year in Salt Lake City. Organizer said that this meeting was the biggest ACS meeting according to the number of attendees. This year about 18,000 chemists, scientists and exhibitors were present for about a week in San Francisco. The Moscone Center, where the meeting was held, and the surrounding area up to 3-4 blocks we could see the crowed of people hanging the badges on their neck. Unlike last time, I could not get the opportunity to meet any other Nepalese chemists (except from Reno) even though there were some names listed in the catalog. 

I want to share some photos from the national meeting.


View of San Fransisco (National meeting venue)

Setting up friend's poster

Participants of the meeting

Fellow Nepalese Chemists

Thank you for checking my post.
Lekh N Adhikari
Graduate Student, University of Reno, Nevada

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