Congratulation to recent Nepelese PhD graduates

We would like to congratulate recent graduates in chemistry and related fields for completing their doctorate study successfully. New Nepalese PhD chemists are as follows.
  1. Dr. Lekh Nath Sharma: Dr. Sharma completed his PhD from Baylor University, TX, USA. He is currently a post-doc researcher at University of Georgia.
  2. Dr. Rumi Chand: Dr. Chand did her doctorate study at Saga University, Japan.
  3. Dr. Hom Nath Luitel: Dr. Luitel did his doctorate study at Saga University, Japan.
  4. Dr. Santosh Gurung: Dr. Gurung finished his PhD from KangWon National University, South Korea.
  5. Dr.Dambar Hamal: From Kansas State University, KS, USA
  6. Dr.Tej B. Shrestha: From Kansas State University, KS, USA
All the best for your future career.


sher bdr. said...

Congratulation to all PhD graduated chemist and wish them all the very best for their future careers.I want to inform to Blog Admin that Dr. Santosh Gurung is graduated from KangWon National University, Dept of Pharmacy, Chuncheon, South korea not from the sunmoon university so kindly can Admin make correction on it ??

Chaitanya said...

Congratulations everybody! Nepal has great hopes from you all.