Some photos from projector donation program

Laptop computer and multimedia projector were donated to the central department of chemistry, TU for educational use on Asar 5th of this year. Money to buy these items was collected from the alumni of CDC around the globe. If you want to see how this was started, then just click on here and here.You can click here to read the details of the handover event. In this post, you are going to see some of the photographs taken during that event.

Binod Pandey handovers to Prof Tulsi Pathak, Head of the department

Looks like, Rishi announced and Binod is ready for Speech.

Binod Pandey took the responsibility to collect money, buy the items and donate to the CDC. But we can not forget the help from other friends.

Prof Krishna Manandhar delivering his speech

New generation of Nepalese chemists

Thank goes to Binod Pandey for these photos.

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