Projector and Computer Donated to CDC!!

It is a matter of pleasure to announce that we have successfully collected donation of amount $1586 and had bought a projector for $767.18 and one laptop in $600.00 , one mouse and laptop case $34. Rest of the money is still in the payapal account. Initially we had planned to purchase a screen and some laser pointers but because of my schedule I couldn't do that, I beg your pardon for this.

Eventhough I had planned to organize a handover program on Asar 5th ,2066 but because of the conflict in schedules of Department Chief, I had to postpone it and later on I myself became very busy and had to organize a small program on Asar 19th right before by departure from Kathmandu.

ChemSA was asked to organize that program but it didn't show much interest. So Mr. Rishi Sapkota went there and asked students to be there and informed all the faculties. The program was chaired by Dr. Tulsi Prasad Pathak and addressed by several speakers like Dr. Mohan Bikram Gewali, Dr. Krishna Manandhar, Mr. Binod Prasad Pandey and Mr Mahendra Thapa. Our effort was praised by all the faculties and all professors have said thanks to all the donors. Dr. Tulsi Prasad Pathak has asked me to convey his appreciation to everybody and had said that was the pioneer donation work in the history of CDC done by alumni as a combined effort.

I do have some pictures but I forgot them in Nepal, I have asked Mr. Mahendra Thapa to bring them so I will upload few pictures after some time. Once again thank you everybody for your help and support. We take pride to be a part of such a good work in the history of CDC.
Have a great Day!!! Be happy!!

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