Nepalese Students attend ACS meeting

As being a Chemistry Graduate student, I wanted to attend the ACS meeting (National meeting of American Chemical Society). I got this opportunity this year to attend 237th ACS National meeting in Salt lake City, UT. A week long conference with more than 10,000 attendees is a very big meeting for me. It was a crowd of chemists. For me the meeting was an experience to expose with intellectual persons as well as to meet some of my friends who I had not seen for a while and know some new friends. In the meeting, I met some Nepalese friends who are working in Chemistry and related fields. I could not see all the Nepalese Chemists who were there but I saw most of them. I want to list those Nepalese Chemists who I met there.

  1. Subin Adhikari: Clark University, MA

  2. Dambar Hamal: Kansas State University, KS

  3. Sunil Hamal: University of Nevada, Reno, NV

  4. Raj Kumar Malla: University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO

  5. Bishnu Khanal: Rice University, TX

  6. Rajendra Shakya: Oklahoma University, OK

  7. Kosh P Neupane: University of Nevada, Reno, NV

  8. Ramesh Pant: Naval Research Laboratory, DC

  9. Yam B Poudel: University of Utah, UT

  10. Pragya Adhikari: University of Utah, UT

  11. Nirmal Pahadi: University of Kansas, KS

Lekh N Adhikari

University of Nevada, Reno


Krishna K. Bista said...

Hello NepaChem Guys!
Please to google your blog. Hope it would a great network among the NepaChem guys. However, it seems the team is the active in last few months. I did not see any activities besides those five write up.

What I suggest is you all guys can upload your papers, abstracts and any term papers on the web of NepaChem so that growing scholars in your field can download and use them in their area of interest.

Also that will make a working platform for you busy chemists!

Good luck and want to see more soon!

Krishna Bista
RTC, PhD Scholar
Michigan Tech University
Email: kkbista@mtu.edu

BasantG said...

Thank you Krishna Bista for your good suggestions.