Some Words for Good Work

Binod Prasad Pandey

Everybody wishes the everything that is related to him /her should be good enough to take pride of it. We, as alumni are not exception and want to see and say CDC is a world class institution, we were a part of it and we are. We are millions of mile away from it but we are stuck to it in our identity and in our daily life as our career. It is a shame for us to watch the drama that is being played in our political stage but it is our weakness and out of our expertise to change the trend. The only thing we could do is wish good and hope good. We are seeing and listening the big slogan of New Nepal and we are pretty much clear that it is not going to be a New Nepal that way. The main mantra for new Nepal is everyone learns his/her duty and responsibility and thinks beyond his only own self interest. I know we may not make big difference but at least we can try. I came to realize this truth, as everyone, when I was away from home, away from my country. As everybody I also started to be more patriotic when I found the big gap between us and others in this world.

I used to sit in a classroom with some 90 people, a lousy lecture used to be delivered in the far front stage without any enthusiasm and fun. Later I found that classroom is more fun and more lively just with some visual aids and just with a little effort. Even In this 21Ist century we were lacking even a simple projector not only in a classroom but even for some seminars and such events.

These were the some motives to force me to think something that will be at least a little help for a better CDC. I was thinking this and thinking if we could do anything?? I asked my friends and said what if we could write this and ask our friends to make a little effort and collect money. It was not a big deal to collect money we could have asked 10 friends to donate some 100 dollars each and have donated a projector and a computer or could have asked even some strangers for help but as we were making plans we have a wonderful idea to collect all chemistry alumni and bring them together in this event and made some conspiracy to make an “alumni association of CDC”. As we see alumni association even in a High school, a business oriented +2 but not in that big institute. so this became another motive for this project.

I made a initial plan, talked with friends in University of Missouri, Basant Giri , Bhanu Neupane and Lekhnath Adhikari and they said it is a good idea . I posted it in Hi5 where I had some 50 friends in CDC group and I got immediate response from Ritu Gurung and Arjun Poudyal. We sent emails from and got response and support from several friends. We were thinking and kind of silent but some friends were asking where is your plan? You just made it and left it?? Then I thought I should start it and with the suggestion from friends I opened a paypal account and deposited some dollars for initiation then immediately I got more money deposited from other friends. As soon as I sent emails I got immediate deposition from Dr. Durga Parajuli and some other friends. This all added additional energy and we reached here, where we are almost close to the set goal. The most exciting outcome of this project is that we all came to know we are equally devoted to see better CDC.

I was getting some comments like nobody there in CDC is really good, they already have some good instruments that also they never use they won’t use that projector also, there is a 16 our load shedding , there is birds poop in the seminar room, birds will poop in it and lot more but I have just one answer let’s try good and think good, it is not a big sacrifice to donate 10,20 or some box when you have got M. SC. degree for free yup absolutely free, you got recommendation from there that’s was also a great thing!!!! Lets try it, if we could that’s good, if not still we are not losing our life or our anything !!! Some friends trusted me, some did with some caution but they did. It was not only me behind this but we were a bunch of chemists, all those who have made donation and who are in the way to make. We can’t guarantee that it will be as good as we expect but at least it will be some.

We are still trying to get more people involved in it we have almost 50 people participated spontaneously. We were thinking we will call everybody and ask donation, this was a good idea because by this we will have direct contact with each other. We were also getting comments like how can we donate just based on that email? We had realized that money collecting or social service was not that easy as collecting for picnic or gambling but we were hopeful. The main reason we couldn’t call all is we didn’t have phone no and we asked friends to make personal requests to everyone. We tried to get email addresses from every possible source, we went to the college’s site to find it, we asked friends etc. We tried to include all and hoped that most of us got information and requested our friends to circulate emails. We did that and got more participation. We are not making any sacrifice by donating some bucks but we are making a big difference in the way of thinking, we are showing we have time to think for others and for new Nepal not only for our own career!!

This project is going on and now we are excited and curiously waiting to see an alumni association!! We will work on it and hope to get your support as for this project. There is no personal interest for me to get any additional advantage but it will be advantageous for all of us!! May god bless us!!

University of Missouri


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I am always with you guys.....and many thinks for your effort. I am sure you are doing good job..it is appreciated.
If we could discuss with the department to make record of e-mail address onward during admission. Timly we can ask with them for future programm..