Sodium: One of the most reactive metals

In the video series of elements, I am presenting one of the most reactive metal called Sodium (Na). It has one electron in its outermost shell, so it is very reactive. That is why it is stored in mineral oil like Kerosine. It is soft and light.

It reacts with water very quickly and explosively. This is interesting to show students. I used to show my high school students (+2 students in Nepal) how reactive this metal is by dropping a small piece of sodium on water. It generates hydrogen gas, producing orange flame. Students were always excited and interested to see the experiment.

The video in this post explains about fundamentals about Sodium. Enjoy the video and leave your comments on the comment box below.



ya.. it is informative to the students. Better if we could keep the link of all the video P. table.
Want to see more.. about the molecules of the week as small caption always..

Anonymous said...

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