New Nepalese Chemists Coming toUSA in Fall 2008

Its always a curiosity to us about the number of Nepalese Chemists joining US universities every year. We are excited not only because they are our alumni (all from CDC, Kirtipur) but also because some of them are our personal friends. Here is a informal list of graduate students joining USA this year.

Hari Khatri University of South Dakota
Surendra Dawadi University of Missouri- St. Louis
Bimala Lama University of Akron
Arjun Sharma University of Utah
Lila ballab Kansas state University
Laxman pokhrel Kansas state University
Chakraprasad Joshi University of Toledo
Lekh Nath Sharma Gautam University of West Virginia
Gaumani Gnawali Oklohama state university
Dipak Prasad Koirala Kent State University
Harish Chandra Subedi Kent State University
Rajendra Acharya University of Akron
Prashant Rajbhandari Kent State University

Thanks to Laxman, Harish and Lekh. If you know other friends, please add to this list.

I wish all the best for your future in the USA.

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Lekhnath said...

Lekh nath sharma gautam is in west virginia university
but in list wrongly written as university of west virginia

BasantG said...

Thank you Lekhnath jee for correcting the name of the University.